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Liz Clarke: Kustom Kunst Kommandos

Brian Lobel: Hora

20.01 - daniel

19.53 - daniel

Skipping back and forth showing bits of the video; learning the smiles.

19.52 - daniel

19.51 - daniel

Brian showing the Eurovision video…

19.51 - daniel

“For years I loved this song and thought I was good at my religion. But the song “Hora” is not the folk dance “Hora” but Israel’s 1982 Eurovision song contest contribution. “Still don’t know what I think about it.”

19.48 - daniel

“Catch your breath…”

19.48 - daniel

Applause. Cheering. Brian now wants to videotape everybody…

19.46 - daniel

Now a dance that Lady Gaga does.

19.46 - daniel

It’s getting increasingly dangerous to sit on the side and type…Have almost been hit in the face twice.

19.45 - daniel

“hands up, pivot. right hop, left hop, turn around…”. Music. And now everybody doing it.

19.44 - daniel

It is a dance class.

19.43 - daniel

“Eastern” and “Western” moves…

19.42 - daniel

Brian explaining the next move…

19.41 - daniel

About falling off a loft bed, he can’t do 100%…

19.40 - daniel

“Kick step step…”

19.38 - daniel

Inside and outside circle, good dancers on the inside…holding hands.

19.37 - daniel

Folk dance as a way to connect with religion.” “If you don’t do it with the same fervour, I think you’re antisemitic.” Brian is demonstrating first step.

19.35 - daniel

Music off. Brian says hello, welcome to Hora. “This is a dance lesson” – how to do the Hora. “I’m a trained Israeli folk dance instructor.”

19.33 - daniel

“You’re gonna learn all the steps, don’t worry.”

19.33 - daniel

“Take off your shoes and socks and circle in the centre!”

Tom Marshman

Trace Theatre: Coalition

19.11 - gareth

Was a cowboy I knew in South Texas.

19.09 - daniel

“may look like a sheep” … “or nick clegg in a tutu”.

19.09 - gareth

They were honest with us.

19.08 - daniel

A costume supposed to be a wolf costume.

19.07 - gareth

“Thank you for being any kind of romantic. Even a hopeless one.”

19.06 - daniel

“Thank you.” “For sharing the sunset with me”.

19.04 - gareth

Champion. Jimmy’s last words.

19.04 - daniel

“In any given situation there comes a time to quit while you’re still ahead…”.

19.02 - daniel

With accent.

19.02 - gareth

Celebrity impersonations.

19.00 - gareth

Gee baby, ain’t I good to you?

18.59 - daniel

“What’s you’re political stance in all this … I mean, are you left or right? Doesn’t matter, I was just making conversation.”

18.59 - gareth

Another dance; a slow, stifled body shuffle.

18.58 - gareth

Are you left, or are you right?

18.55 - gareth

This is the show’s last chance.

18.55 - gareth

Dancing to ‘Cowboy Song’

18.53 - gareth

“I’m not much of a dancer…I prefer to stand.”

18.53 - gareth

One dances, the other doesn’t.

18.51 - gareth

Joaquin Phoenix and James Dean.

18.51 - gareth

Carl disappeared. I’m one of the 93% that didn’t notice him go.

18.49 - gareth

“This is a two-man show. That’s it. No one else is in this show. No one else made this show.”

18.49 - gareth

Two men, dressed in suits, standing in individual spotlights.

Emma Bennett: Slideshow Birdshow

18.50 - daniel

Applause, cheering.

18.46 - daniel

“Thank you.”

18.44 - gareth

Her speech fails to carch up with the bird as it repeatedly disappears from view.

18.44 - daniel

“little fucking legs” Images flashing by very quickly, fragments of words, phrases, sounds, meaning…

18.42 - gareth

A recurring image of a birdtable.

18.41 - daniel


18.41 - daniel

“So this is a talk about…”

18.40 - daniel

“distinctive yellow streak”

18.40 - gareth

More hope of getting action on the table.

18.38 - gareth

Broad, buffish feather fringes. Words and images are repeated rhythmically.

18.38 - daniel

“Hoping to get a bit of action”. Images still flashing by of birds etc.

18.37 - gareth

The speed of the description is dictated by the speed of the transitions in the slideshow.

18.36 - gareth

Underparts white, heavy spotted.

18.35 - gareth


18.35 - gareth

Close-ups to help identify different types of birds.

18.35 - daniel

Slides of birds, Emma naming the birds. “How to identify a sparrow…?”

18.35 - gareth

Birds flash by on a projection.

18.33 - gareth

This is about birds. Miniatures about birds.

18.33 - daniel

“it’s about birds”

18.33 - daniel

“Never work with animals or projections.”