Helena Sands: the space between you and me

17.26 - daniel

I just had a closer look at the space, it’s 4 threads on each string, and on the wall on the right, above the charcoal bodies, it says “tiny acts of repair”.

17.21 - daniel

“thank you for coming”. applause.

17.21 - daniel

writing with black marker on the floor, now blue paint flowing down her back. she puts some golden glitter on the paint.

17.19 - daniel

three threads hanging down, she’s dripping ink on them.

17.18 - daniel

there are also other pieces of fabric on the floor, maybe from her previous performance. she collects them with a needle and some thread. she removes the tape and black fabric from her eyes, stitching together more pieces of fabric on more threads, which she ties to a string hanging across the space (there are two strings, the one in the back already has threads hanging from it).

17.13 - daniel

she starts attaching the pieces of fabric to some gaffer tape, then covers her eyes with them. then she starts cutting her shirt, which is now also gone.

17.11 - daniel

only a few stripes of black fabric left, she’s naked underneath. the shorts have gone.

17.10 - daniel

she takes a pair of scissors that had been attched to the wall with white gaffer tape, starting to cut through her shorts, there are a few holes already, she keeps cutting off pieces.

17.09 - daniel

coal dust on her body and clothes (beige top, black short pants). now she uses the charcoal to blacken the skin on her body.

17.08 - daniel

she is tracing the shape of her body with charcoal on the right-hand side wall. there are already shapes that she must have previously drawn.

17.07 - daniel

writing on the floor/paper with the black marker, “my body 1/2 inch…”, I cannot read the rest.

17.05 - daniel

dropping some small pebbles from a transparent plastic bag. now writing on her arm with black permanent marker. a sixth audience member has just entered.

17.04 - daniel

no, it’s something wrapped in white paper. She has unpacked a white dress, which she attaches to the wall with white gaffer tape, covering another dress that had already been hanging there.

17.02 - daniel

She has entered the space. She is cutting something with a swiss army knife, a pillow or some diapers.

17.01 - daniel

Helena Sands, I remember, is also the name of a hotel on Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, but this is completely unrelated.

16.58 - daniel

I’m on the staicase next to the Common room for Helena Sands’ performance at 5. The space also works as an installation, and we are invited through instructions on a sheet of paper by the door to write responses to questions concerning the body with charcoal on the big sheets of paper that cover the floor and parts of the wall. There is an ambient soundtrack playing.

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