Alice & Martha: Tide

14.05 - daniel

The doors are being opened. They leave. They don’t come back for the applause…

14.03 - daniel

Chair, sitting, talking: Alaska, pine forest, night time, walking towards the pines…

14.03 - daniel

Still standing.

14.03 - daniel

They are standing again, facing in different directions.

14.01 - daniel

Still the same set of movements, but it seems to be more synchronous now. The skirt action again.

14.00 - daniel

You can hear somebody play the flute (or a similar instrument) outside… In here, we are still going through variations of the same set of movements and actions. Now they’re both lying face down on the floor, holding on to the ledge by the wall, moving their feet.

13.57 - daniel

walking back and forth between pillars again, slowing down, slowly falling towards it, catching her fall with her arms. And then again pulling the skirt over the other one’s head. Never all the way.

13.55 - daniel

Chair: she is sitting in hotel window looking out over modern city. High-rises, towerblocks…

13.54 - daniel

Two blinds up again. It’s a lovely day outside.

13.52 - daniel

The skirt again.

13.50 - daniel

The other one pulling up her hair.

13.50 - daniel

a projection on the wall, sounds, but difficult to tell what we see and hear. both performers are watching.

13.49 - daniel

Both standing with one arm outstretched, slowly moving up and down, circling. Now the blinds are being closed (up until now, there was daylight).

13.47 - daniel

Pulling up her hair, blinking.

13.47 - daniel

Skirt action repeated. Again finding different positions in the space, small gestures, breathing sounds. Sitting and talking again: Desert, sandstorms, Land Rover getting stuck and…

13.43 - daniel

Now the other one sitting down: an isolated prison, snow, flat, he leaves prison, looks out, looks back, waits for bus to take him to town. cold, bus arrives, doors open…

13.42 - daniel

Sitting on a chair, talking: helicopter, searching for people, hiding, there are olive trees, shadows…

13.40 - daniel

One lying down, quickly moving her legs. One rubbing her face. The other one stretching out her arms. All of this is very concentrated and controlled.

13.39 - daniel

One putting on a skirt. The other one pulling the skirt over her head. Taking it off again. Standing in relation to each other in the space.

13.37 - daniel

different small gestures, standing by the window, lying down…leaning on a pillar, sliding down. walking back and forth between pillars. leaning against it, face forward, breathing loudly.

13.35 - daniel

The two performers take off their shoes and enter.

1 Response to “Alice & Martha: Tide”

  • Alice & Martha, this is my interpretation of your performance:

    Slow movements, repetitive gestures
    in a white background, setting.
    A tranguil atmosphere.
    A blue projection on wall.
    She stares out the window,
    breaths out loud.
    Holds her breath
    to show the tides’ below.

    Hand curling movement.
    Knees on the floor.
    Taylored stories cut short.
    On a chair she narrates,
    opposite the audience
    down low.

    One hand up
    against the column.
    Trying to breath up,
    garment, skirt, pulled up
    to show the tides above.

    Look of reminiscene,
    nostalgia lies ahead.
    One walking in opposite direction,
    narrating Alaska to us again.

    No end to the stories,
    that are told.
    Hand swirling gesture,
    and the other with knees on the floor.
    A quiet sigh, one arm to the side.
    Turning around, off the space one walks
    and the other follows. EXIT…

    I thought it had finished,
    and walked out the ‘light’ room,
    only to find audience members -
    visitors catching the gesture too.
    Continuity it is on all floors,
    participations and collaboration,
    where have the performers gone?

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