Rebekka Platt: One

14.52 - gareth

Blackout. Silence.

14.50 - gareth

The breathing gesture is repeated, but as slow spasms.

14.49 - gareth

More melody. Faster, bigger, even more frenzied.

14.49 - gareth

Chords are played. The movement more frantic.

14.48 - gareth

She falls, the lights come up.

14.48 - gareth

She stretches upwards towards the light.

14.47 - gareth

Her gestures become broader, wider, more fluid.

14.47 - gareth

She is momentarily lit by the red light of a camera.

14.46 - gareth

She stands in the light, breathing, slowly turning. Guitar continues.

14.45 - gareth

The lights dim. A small beam remains.

14.44 - gareth

She lifts further up, leaning on her hands.

14.44 - gareth

The movement of her breathing becomes increasingly larger, until her torso lifts up from the floor, her head as if it is tucked behind her.

14.43 - gareth

We can see her breathing deeply. The guitar continues.

14.42 - gareth

A figure lies on the floor. She is wearing a teracotta-coloured dress.

14.42 - gareth

The strings of an electric guitar are being scraped.

14.41 - gareth

We sit in a circle.

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  • Hi RebekkaPlatt The Photo Of You On It Is Brillent And I Think That You Are Brillent At IT At Dance Syndrome And Hope You Proud Off Yoursif Doing It And I Got Question To Ask How Did You Feel Doing It Dos It Hart Your Back When You Daning And I Love To Come Back To Dance Syndrome
    To See You Love Stuart

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