Mark Leahy: Voice Recognition: A Play

15.52 - gareth

“When we were two little boys.” Repeated.

15.49 - gareth

A blue that is lighter than the dark blue of his shirt and trousers.

15.49 - gareth

It is only now that I notice he is wearing a blue bowtie.

15.48 - gareth

Recollecting the sound of his voice on the tape. Uncanny. “But I think it’s that I remember.”

15.42 - gareth

The lyrics of the song ignite recollections, comments, speculations, a biography; and seemingly vice versa.

15.39 - gareth

He is speaking into a microphone.

15.38 - gareth

Recollections, interspersed with song.

15.37 - gareth

A bearded man in a spotlight. Recalls Rolf Harris’ no. 1 hit, Two Little Boys’. Remembers recording and singing the song with his cousin for visiting American relatives. Was the first time he heard his own voice.

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