Ellie Harrison: Etiquette of Grief

16.12 - gareth

This concludes the end of the meat section.

16.12 - gareth

Barack Obama and Stephen Fry get to go to heaven.

16.09 - gareth

Tony Blair got a bigger boo than Hitler.

16.09 - gareth

The audience seems to be mixed if Mother Teresa should go to heaven or hell.

16.08 - gareth

Neutral thumbs. Up for heaven, down for hell.

16.07 - gareth

Diana never wore gloves, unlike the Queen.

16.05 - gareth

Several trollies for a wake: tea, sandwiches, thank you cards, wine, cake, photographs.

16.02 - gareth

‘Late’, ‘passed away’, ‘no longer with us.’

16.01 - gareth

We are the Princess Diana fan club.

16.01 - gareth

A video relay, with the woman who is the Gillian McKeith of grief therapy.

15.59 - gareth

A minute is up. Song ends.

15.59 - gareth

Some kisses too.

15.59 - gareth

Goodbye England’s rose. Hugs to those in the front row.

15.58 - gareth

Some pre-memorial activities.

15.57 - gareth

Today is a memorial service.

15.57 - gareth

The black balloons are on the left of the stage. Ellie stands on the right in a bright red shirt. A requiem plays in the background.

15.55 - gareth

There are black balloons onstage.

15.54 - gareth

Ellie is often mistaken for a vegetarian, apparently because she has pasty skin.

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