Claire Roberts: The Dug for Pearls

17.07 - daniel


17.07 - daniel


17.07 - daniel

She gets up to collect the pearls again.

17.06 - daniel

Bits of black thread still attached to both her soles.

17.04 - daniel

While before, there were often up to five pearls dangling between her feet, she no longer gets to that many. There is one now, and suddenly it’s rolling across the floor.

17.02 - daniel

Suddenly, there are quite a few people here again. The top monitor still showing the same image, interspersed with sewing-machine sounds and moving images of sewing thread to the feet. Live, Claire keeps sewing, then ripping the thread, pearls falling.

16.59 - daniel

This time, she does not move her feet as apruptly, just wiggles them a bit, spreads them more slowly, some pearls falling down, and now: all of them.

16.58 - daniel

Quite regularly, people come in and watch for a bit.

16.56 - daniel

Occasionally, she presses a button on the camera, I think to switch it back on.

16.54 - daniel

Three¬† pearls dangling between her feet again. And a fourth one…

16.52 - daniel

She apruptly spreads her feet, tearing the thread, pearls rolling across the floor. She gets up to collect them. This must be what she has done before when walking across the room.

16.49 - daniel

There is now one person left in the space who isn’t filming. Somebody else just arrived.

16.47 - daniel

Pearls dangling on threads between her soles.

16.44 - daniel

Still sewing.

16.43 - daniel

Back on. She just dropped her things and quickly ran across the space. She’s back now, sewing big pearls (?) to the soles of her feet.

16.42 - daniel

Bottom monitor now off.

16.42 - daniel

The writing “insufficient space on card” shows up on the bottom monitor.

16.41 - daniel

Claire is sitting in the far corner of the dark space. She is sitting on a chair, barefoot, and a desklamp is illuminating her feet. There are two monitors on her right, one on top of the other. The bottom monitor is showing live footage of her feet, the top monitor is showing a black and white image of two feet, black thread sewn across the soles. Occasionally, there is the sound of a sewing machine, and the image changes.

16.33 - daniel

The doors have opened early, people are still coming in. But it seems the doors are staying open, which suggests that you can come and go as you like.

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