Kris Grey: Queer Here

18.29 - daniel

On the video, Kris is holding a sign “Ask a tranny” and playing bits of conversations this has started … The video stops, performance is over. Applause.

18.26 - gareth

An audio recording of a conversation played against a photographic slideshow of the same conversations.

18.24 - daniel

Strips naked: “Do you wanna see my ID?” That’s how Kris would have liked to handle the situation.

18.23 - gareth

F for feminism.

18.23 - daniel

Story about “making radical visibility happen”. Travelling from Finland back to US. At customs office, checking passport: Red flag. “Have you done something diffferent with your hair?”

18.22 - gareth

A close-up of a passport photo.

18.22 - gareth

A photo of his passport.

18.21 - gareth

Poking at the permeability of gender constructions.

18.20 - daniel

Urinal anecdotes.

18.19 - daniel

Kris has taken off tie and shirt.

18.19 - gareth

Queerness is now written on his body; he takes off his shirt.

18.18 - gareth

Suits used to be subersive; now they conceal.

18.18 - gareth

There is a slideshow of the performer as a young adult.

18.17 - daniel

“These are things you should know about me going into this.” Kris now talking about queerness, in relation to his own biography. About starting to take testosterone. Body changing quicker than wardrobe.

18.15 - gareth

There is a slideshow of the performer as a child.

18.14 - daniel

Kris complaining that people are not really seeing him.

18.13 - daniel

Ok, the performance is about to start.

18.13 - gareth

Tom rollerblades off. The performance begins.

18.11 - gareth

I should add that all this so far is Tom Marshman’s introduction.

18.10 - gareth

The audience hushes.

18.10 - gareth

The theme for the third theatre segment: quiet carriages.

18.07 - gareth

Spandex bodysuits are avant garde.

18.07 - gareth

Live art is better with Olivia Newton John.

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