Emma Bennett: Slideshow Birdshow

18.50 - daniel

Applause, cheering.

18.46 - daniel

“Thank you.”

18.44 - gareth

Her speech fails to carch up with the bird as it repeatedly disappears from view.

18.44 - daniel

“little fucking legs” Images flashing by very quickly, fragments of words, phrases, sounds, meaning…

18.42 - gareth

A recurring image of a birdtable.

18.41 - daniel


18.41 - daniel

“So this is a talk about…”

18.40 - daniel

“distinctive yellow streak”

18.40 - gareth

More hope of getting action on the table.

18.38 - gareth

Broad, buffish feather fringes. Words and images are repeated rhythmically.

18.38 - daniel

“Hoping to get a bit of action”. Images still flashing by of birds etc.

18.37 - gareth

The speed of the description is dictated by the speed of the transitions in the slideshow.

18.36 - gareth

Underparts white, heavy spotted.

18.35 - gareth


18.35 - gareth

Close-ups to help identify different types of birds.

18.35 - daniel

Slides of birds, Emma naming the birds. “How to identify a sparrow…?”

18.35 - gareth

Birds flash by on a projection.

18.33 - gareth

This is about birds. Miniatures about birds.

18.33 - daniel

“it’s about birds”

18.33 - daniel

“Never work with animals or projections.”

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