Hello, my friend …

Tomorrow, May 12th 2013, the LIVE ART LIVE BLOG will go live again on the occasion of “Hello, my friend …”, a performative gathering at Hamburg’s seaman’s club Duckdalben. A short description of the project (in German) can be found here. In short, the attempt of the tomorrow’s event is to orchestrate an impromptu gathering of seafarers and landsmen – a mixture between celebration and instruction piece.  Unlike in previous liveblogs, we will not attempt a regular minute-by-minute account of the events (there are just too many other things to do), but nevertheless try to document some of what is happening as it’s happening by sharing some photos and impressions. As always: we’ll be there for you.

The event is part of Versammlungen Vol 1, a  series of public presentations of the research programme Assemblies and Participation: Urban Publics and Performance.

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