Iwan ab Huw Morgan: Gweledigaeth/Vision

20.18 - esther

He’s back in the space now, cleaning, joking, chatting.

20.16 - esther

so does the audience.

20.16 - esther

oh, he has left.

20.16 - esther

Writing with cloth on huge paper banner. cannot read. walking around with chair on head.

20.13 - esther

Contemplating what to do next?

20.11 - esther

A shovel.

20.11 - esther


20.09 - esther

A bell.

20.09 - esther

Chanting. Holding sth in the air. a kind of belt?

20.06 - esther

Laughter as micstand knocks down candle.

20.06 - esther


20.04 - esther

Buckets, stones, ladder, water, candles, tools, black, blood.

20.02 - esther

Gothic DIY.

19.59 - esther

Trying to bite it off, eventually giving up.

19.58 - esther

Bandaging fists, mopping floor. using swiss army knife to cut bandages. it’s done. no, some tape is not coming off.

19.55 - esther

One thing happening after the other.

19.54 - esther

Audience almost entirely still and quiet throughout. only a woman carrying a child has just changed position.

19.51 - esther

Washing hands

19.51 - esther

Now it’s red paint, no, red and blue.

19.49 - esther

Blood in his face, have missed why.

19.48 - esther

Dropping stones from container into bucket with water.

19.48 - esther

Stones being dropped in metal container of sorts. up a ladder, which is hard work.

19.44 - esther

On his knees, using big sticks for support.

19.44 - esther

It’s quite dark and I’m too far away to really see whats happening.

19.40 - esther

Blood running down his leg.

19.40 - esther

Pulls pants down, preparing to inject into his leg.

19.39 - esther

Reading, then action with tin foil and string. now rope around his neck.

19.37 - esther

Lying down, book on his head. lifts book. Wearing black ski mask.

19.36 - esther

3 candles, but smells like something else is burning too.

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