Iain Campbell F-W & Fritz Welch: Werkdock

17.26 - daniel

iain and fritz will be here for the next 2 days, so the live art live blog will now be reporting from forever academy’s presentation. but we’ll be back here.

17.24 - daniel

if you hear about something “bad” happening far away, you hear it from somebody who’s heard it from somebody, which makes him interested in why did they want him to know?

17.22 - daniel

bringing it up in public, says fritz.

17.21 - daniel

david asks how we can react to a specific current issue as artists.

17.20 - daniel

performance as something that’s contained, that limits itself to the right now, says iain.

17.19 - daniel

esther has just explained the live blog and a conversation has started around that. in performance, do you present yourself as someone better that you are, asks iain?

17.18 - daniel

iain and fritz have arrived today and will stick around til saturday and figure out what they’ll be doing.

17.16 - daniel

David says he’s come here with the youth theatre group he’s working with to interact with this performance.

17.14 - daniel

Fritz says he has moved to Glasgow so that he could eventually come here and meet all of us. He is complemented on his glasses.

17.13 - daniel

attempts at a brooklyn accent here in cardiff, america. is the uk becoming america?

17.12 - daniel

Meg will come back on Saturday and do accents.

17.12 - daniel

Meg says: have constructive days and party nights.

17.11 - daniel

the event will be a party, a celebration – but iain asks whether it’s ok to have a party. what should you celebrate. or could you not do some useful shit?

17.10 - daniel

people are amazed at how their voice sound through a mic.

17.09 - daniel

che might sing again on Saturday.

17.08 - daniel

one of the guests has started to sing as an example of what he could do. the applause is well deserved.

17.07 - daniel

iain explains that they’re in the space to plan an event that will happen here Saturday night, but they don’t wanna decide by themselves what to do. they ask people to join them with sings they’d like to do.

17.06 - daniel

a conversation has started.

17.06 - daniel

i’ve just been handed a mic to explain what i’m doing.

17.06 - daniel

people are gathering around the table. iain and fritz are passing a mic around. people are drawing.

17.04 - daniel

two more people have arrived. we’re in the cwtch next to Chapter cafe. there is a table in the centre of the space, and there is fruit on the table. 2 apples 2 bananas.

17.02 - daniel

I have already been offered fruit.

17.01 - daniel

Fritz came up to me earlier and said they’d do something at 6. So far I’m the only audience member. But I think there still setting up.

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