Forever Academy

18.31 - esther

The pasta is exellent. Go and visit to find out what else they will be up to. Owen says they will continue doing activities if there is a need – everybody agrees there is need. I will enjoy my pasta now!

18.28 - esther

Yes, the pasta is served. Discussions continue on a more private level.

18.26 - esther

The discussion continues around importance of collaboration and there is criticism on too much individuality.

18.24 - esther

If everything continues as it is, Britain and UK will be a desert island – somebody says.

18.21 - esther

The idea of working together is discussed. The importance of working together. Let’s form a band!

18.19 - esther

the idea of self-teaching or self-discovery is brought up.

18.18 - esther

rather that saying we can’t afford this or that, MA or BA, why not taking action and taking care of it ourselves? asks Fern.

18.16 - esther

The pasta is almost ready.

18.14 - esther

Can we start an arts school now?  Here?

18.13 - esther

The discussion is quite heated now – from sharing on a global level (somebody dismisses this as a ridiculous utopia), illusion of full employment – what is a useful activity, are we training too many artists – who decides that?, who decides who is an artists, at the moment the richest people can go to art school, you should be allowed to go to arts school and find out you do not want to an artist!

18.06 - esther

Time for a revolution? This is what this is about.

18.06 - esther

Context board: lack of jobs, globalisation.

18.05 - esther

Discussion has turned: Apparently we can only talk about these issues, but not do anything as long as the financial situation does not change.

18.02 - esther

There is a police helicopter circling above us ?!

18.01 - esther

Why is there are not more discussion about the fee situation? Owen suggests more local uprising. Maybe it could start with pasta in a car park.

17.59 - esther

Might the current fee education force a different situation? At the moment degrees are far too important.

17.57 - esther

Kathryn has just written “supp” and is re-considering. And yes, she changed it: lack of support.

17.56 - esther

It’s getting dark and I find it very hard to see. People are now discussing to put something positive on the context board – Kathryn writes down: support.

17.54 - esther

And now the utopia board: space, going underground, subsidized housing for artists, good staff and keen students (a quote by John Wood), discussions, who is staff, who is student?

17.52 - esther

First entry on the context board: fees (with an exclamation mark!). Second one: lack of community. Third one: modules. Fourth one: RAE. Fifth one: You can’t be serious. Sixth: personal development exercises. Seventh: Funding issues. Eighth: It’s obvious. While people are writing and talking, Owen is chopping garlic.

17.48 - esther

Forever Academy aims to facilitate a discussion with all of us about the alternative art school. We can also write down ideas on blackboards, which actually aren’t black but red and blue. The blue one is for context and the red one for utopia. We will see what that exactly means. Owen had to stop talking because he started to burn the garlic.

17.45 - esther

Forever Acedemy got money to do this event. They thought what they could do with the money – that’s why we will be fed and get wine.

17.44 - esther

Forever Academy – alumni for life. Idea: people come together for 2 or 3 to have discussions with artists, but also scientists, ecologists and anthropologists etc..

17.43 - esther

Owen is introducing Forever Academy and is welcoming us to the first term. He is also introducing Fern and Craig. He goes on how a long time ago they started thinking what it would be like to found an arts school.

17.40 - esther

Well, it looks sort of like a circle. A bit longish perhaps, but everybody is sitting.

17.40 - esther

We are trying to form a circle with our chairs. Until now we have failed. We are only allowed to sit within a certain area on the car park because of health & safety. Do not cross the yellow line!

17.38 - esther

We are now with Forever Academy, sitting outside Chapter in the car park. They are cooking for us (I think they weren’t allowed to do that inside because of fire regulations). They are serving wine.

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