Secret Theatre: Farewell Cardiff

19.21 - daniel

“thanks to everyone etc. applause.

19.21 - daniel

they’ve come back to say “thanks for coming tonight, stick around, there’s beer left etc.”

19.20 - daniel

that last bit was about leaving cardiff tomorrow. the light in the space is out again now. they’re back outside, waving, someone’s joined them…

19.18 - daniel

now an audience member is given a microphone, and, I think, saying something that is being whispered into her ear.

19.17 - daniel

back to everyday clothes, piano playing, song: “things used to be better, things used to be better, things used to be better, Iused to be better, we used to be better, the university used to be better, downtown, canton, the weather, the news, the water all used to be better, the sky,… performance art used to be better… poetry used to be better …”

19.14 - daniel

One is putting on a yellow T-Shirt and a red helmet, the other one a green glittery top and a blonde wig. They sit down again. “What if all the people that have left this place had stayed?” – there would be more people in this room, more families, there would be several city centres and not only one, there would be less adventure, there would be fewer songs about missing this place, we would find more like minds, we would have more friends, ???, (while they are talking people outside are walking through the projection), more, ehm, more, there would be more, it would be, …, it would lose the characteristics it has now which maybe define it, the road would be so full navigating it would be treacherous, we would be just as happy and just as sad. Thank you, says the other.

19.07 - daniel

Now they are offering Welsh rarebits to the audience. Sampling the local fare. They say they really like them.

19.04 - daniel

One is outside again (the other one, not the one from before). He is hugging himself. And slow dancing to Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne.

19.03 - daniel

They are back on the chairs: “Who or what do you want to say goodbye to?”  Chapter Arts Centre, James Tyson, Cathy Boyce, the church on the corner that I pass every day, Kathryn who has been a good hostess, the river, the castle, the theatre space, Dan the technician, Trevor the technician, The Tesco at the corner, Ivor Wins (?) pub, the magazines at the Chapter shop, the breakfast in the morning, the books in the reading room, to the strangers that passed us when we were rehearsing, the front foyer, to the bus station, the sweets, ???, to the back patio, Tactile Bosch where I always see a weird show, the TV in my apartment, the staff in the cafe. Sorry I have missed a few, the list is incomplete.

18.57 - daniel

The audience are shown photographs that the performer has taken – I’m sitting too far I do not see any. He says they are photos of Cardiff.

18.55 - daniel

He is disappearing from the projection again – last thing we saw was his hand waving. Now he is back inside again.

18.54 - daniel

One of the two is outside again, waving – this time in slow motion. Inside “Time to say goodbye” is playing.

18.52 - daniel

Still different answers to “why do you live where you live?” – it’s close to a park, it’s my choice, I have all my stuff there … it’s obviously getting more difficult to find answers for that question … I know where things are, I have formed too many relationships there, I do not like to change… Thank you!

18.49 - daniel

The two performers are sitting on two chairs in the  middle of the stage now, wearing wigs and hats. One is asking the other: “Why do you live where you live?”, the one is giving different answers: cos it’s cheap, cos it feels like home, cos it has 3 bed rooms … By the way, both performers are male, so we watch two guys talking. I think I haven’t mentioned that before.

18.46 - daniel

What I forgot to say before when describing the setting: there is toilet paper hanging from the ceiling. At least that’s what I think it is, might also be other long white paper stuff. Perhaps I should find that out later.

18.44 - daniel

Camera to ouside is still on. People are walking through the projection.

18.43 - daniel

Singing: “How do you say goodbye?” “Hug, kiss, or cry”

18.42 - daniel

The two have left the projection – on their way inside? Yes, they are HERE with us inside: “Welcome” they say, and playing the piano.

18.41 - daniel

The audience is sitting inside the theatre watching the two outside who are still frantically waving. On the stage there are few balloons, 2 chairs are thrown over and music is playing. Each audience member was offered a beer when they entered – I think. But I don’t have one.

18.39 - daniel

Video projection of the two performers outside: waving, holding cardboard signs: “Farewell” and “Cardiff”

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