Werkdock 2

17.03 - daniel

I’ll go and join the Experimentica reading group now. But I’m sure we’ll be back with Iain and Fritz at some point.

17.00 - daniel

16.56 - daniel

For now.

16.56 - daniel

we now hear what I think is a news report about afghanistan. but this might as well be a radio playing somewhere in the background. some kind of coexistence has been reached.

16.53 - daniel

we now hear the sound of some conversation played through the speakers. and people talking on their mobile phones in the cafe. attention shifts back and forth between cafe and Cwtch, sometimes there is a lot happening at the bar, both in terms of activity and sounds, sometimes the action in the Cwtch takes over. at the moment, there is a weird balance between the two. people minding their business on either side.

16.43 - daniel

very little happening at the moment – at least as far as I can tell from here. cigarette break for me.

16.39 - daniel

Iain is changing. Taking off his shirt, putting on a t-shirt instead. sitting down at the table. opening a book. jazz playing.

16.37 - daniel

there’s a mic stand with a bucket on top now standing outside the Cwtch. I don’t know how it got there.

16.32 - daniel

16.31 - daniel

correction: he’s collected post-it notes that people have left replies on, i think. he’s put them on the wall next to the Cwtch.

16.28 - daniel

iain is writing things on post-it notes and distributing them in the cafe. Heart of Glass now fading out…

16.25 - daniel

they are now playing various kinds of sounds (for example something that sounds like somebody piling up plates) that blend in with the noises of the bar/cafe. Now they’re playing Blondie.

16.13 - daniel

they’re playing music now, a good time for me to take a short break…

16.11 - daniel

fritz has stopped talking, sorry for only managing to write down about 3 % of what he was saying.

16.10 - daniel

something about the coney island hot dog eating champion being not only beaten but eaten.

16.09 - daniel

eating contest later.

16.08 - daniel

“make a point of washing your hands after you touch it” – I missed after touching what I should wash my hands.

16.05 - daniel

“bruce springsteen loves pina coladas, and he loves to drink when he gives massages.”

16.04 - daniel

Talking about the word “Chapter”: “this is the first chapter of the rest of your life…”

16.03 - daniel

“barry white is bruce springsteen’s personal chef on this tour.” special vegan food. bruce springsteen reflexology massage.

16.02 - daniel

children will get massages from bruce as well…

16.01 - daniel

iain has now finished one roll of tape, 11 stripesof tape across the entryway to the Cwtch. fritz announces that bruce springsteen will be here later today, he’s now an artist, no longer a pop star, and touring arts spaces in britain. everyone here will be able to meet him, and get a massage, but he’s got real cold hands.fritz is his manager, and he will keep talking until he gets a response. andre is apparently not interested in a free Bruce Springsteen massage.

15.55 - daniel

15.52 - daniel

Phil is taking photographs, and a lady sitting at a table with a cup of tea asks him what’s going on. Ian is closing off the Cwtch with some Gaffer tape, the first piece he tried with was to short, now he is more succesful.

15.49 - daniel

iain has just picked up his things and gone back to the Cwtch, he is sitting down at the table, putting something in his mouth. they’re chatting now. I’m positioned outside of the Cwtch space, looking and listening in.

15.47 - daniel

In the chapter cafe, iain is striking a pose at one of the tables, his head on the table, hand touching a black bowl, some bretzels have fallen out. his glasses are lying next to him on the table. he is wearing black trousers, a white shirt, and a tie. fritz was just reading through a mic from a book on art (not sure what book, there was mention of a revolution), now he’s playing music, and (I think) re-arranging the space. He, of course, is still in the Cwtch space on the side of the bar, but it seems Fritz and Iain have decided to make their presence known to people sitting in the cafe outside, to not remain confined to the Cwtch. One guy has just folded up his newspaper and left, obviously annoyed.

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