Hannah Goudie: Purveyor of Railway Communication

17.53 - esther

Hannah is packing everything together, her hour is over. It was very friendly, relaxing and comforting in a way. Other people are standing in the corner now, waiting for trains, waiting for people to arrive. We send our love – to wherever you are.

17.51 - esther

The two blokes come back from smoking: “Still smiling?” to Hannah, “Are you simling too?” to me.

17.49 - esther

Hannah changes her sign: “Thank you for smiling”.

17.46 - esther

“Send my love” – “You send me your love, thanks!” – Looks at me: “Don’t be jealous. I’ll talk to you too”. But he doesn’t. They go outside, smoking: “Want a fag?”, they ask Hannah.

17.42 - esther

Hannah smiles at Solomon (who has just arrived from Aberystwyth) and he cannot stop smiling back. He is here for Experimentica, but I’m not sure he knows that this here is Experimentica.

17.39 - esther

Hannah starts to look a bit tired, or is that me getting tired?

17.35 - esther

This is a very mellow hour: some people ignore Hannah in her corner, others smile back, others nod, other stop briefly. She just gave a business card to a guy, he wanted to give it back but seemed happy when she signalled that he could keep it: Ta.

17.32 - esther

A bloke looks at Hannah, then looks back to the time table. A woman smiles at her, then leaves the station. The bloke did not smile.

17.28 - esther

Three guys, waving, shouting: “HEEEY”.

17.28 - esther

People repeat the phrase “Send my love” when walking past, so you hear it several times in the concourse: Send my love, Send my love, Send my love, Send my love, Send my love, ….

17.26 - esther

And I wonder how many smiles, nods and eye contacts I miss when writing? And I wonder do they make a connection between me and Hannah? The guy she laughed with just walked to her and is asking her questions, I do not know what.

17.24 - esther

She is smiling at another guy. He seems to be waiting, holding a shopping bag. They are almost laughing now.

17.23 - esther

Most of the time I do not know if she is smiling at anybody specific – but now I saw she made eye contact with a guy who walked past, talking on his phone. Perhaps he sent love somewhere…

17.21 - esther

I wonder if it is exhausting for Hannah to hold the sign like this for an entire hour. She is smiling.

17.20 - esther

A soldier just came up to Hannah. They talk – or he is talking, she is nodding and smiling. “Where?” he asks, she turns around her sign: “North”. I cannot hear what he is saying, but I think it is something about a song. He says good-bye: high five.

17.13 - esther

I’m standing at the Customer Information, that was the only point I could put down my laptop. The guy behind the deskĀ is very friendly, at least that’s my impression from the conversations he has with customers. Anybody interested: the trains to Swansea are back to normal again.

17.11 - esther

It’s a very sunny day in Cardiff. There seems to be cheerful atmosphere in the station, people looking forward to the weekend? A lot of people pass Hannah without noticing her.

17.08 - esther

Hannah also gives out business cards: “Purveyor of Railway communication. Since 2008. Thank you for Smiling”

17.07 - esther

A girl gives Hannah a hug. A guy wishes her a nice day when he passes by.

17.07 - esther

“Send my love to where?” somebody asks.

17.06 - esther

The couple leaves.

17.06 - esther

The couple who was sitting on the floor just next to Hannah’s corner starts talking to her – but Hannah only answers only with gestures, her sign, and smiles. “Are you a foreigner?” they ask. I cannot hear the entire conversation. Hannah shakes her head. “Are you Welsh?” Hannah shakes her head again.

17.01 - esther

I am now with Hannah in the concourse of Cardiff Central Station. When you come inside, she is just on your left side in a corner. She has marked a space with masking tape. It’s quite a small square in the corner. She is holding a card board sign: “Send my love”.

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  • The soilder told me about a song by bob Dylan ‘send my love…’ I need to look it up! I was hoping he might sing it but no luck.
    My cheeks hurt from smiling! But I wasn’t too tired!

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