Mark Bell: Visual Karaoke

20.33 - daniel

it’s obviously over now. we’ve been sitting quite far in the back, in the sound booth, which made it sometimes difficult to understand what Mark was saying.

20.30 - esther

Applause. But we are waiting to see if anybody wants to have a go. The working lights have been switched on though…

20.29 - daniel

I think he’s explaining how the interface works, and people in the audience are manipulating the images.

20.27 - esther

It seemed to be finished but he keeps going. So far nobody of the audience has joined him.

20.25 - daniel

he is now trying to put on a black suit, moving white objects around, I think…no, he just tries to cancel out his own image. if it works, we should not see anything at all.

20.23 - esther

Mark is now setting up the laptop as an interface, inviting the audience to try “visual karaoke” with him. There are white suits available.

20.21 - daniel

we’re back in the kichen suddenly: “if you’re still here, congratulations”

20.20 - daniel

it’s being fast-forwarded now.

20.19 - daniel

I think he has said before that that’s the first time he is trying to do Visual Karaoke to this film.

20.18 - gareth

I go to the hills, when my heart is lonely.

20.18 - daniel

the film keeps stopping.

20.17 - esther

A shot of Salzburg mountains – if you only look at the projection it looks a bit as if Gollum is sitting on it.

20.14 - daniel

now the first 20 minutes of Sound of Music.

20.14 - daniel

trying to physically experience a film by following the main protagonist. couldn’t hear which film. choosing Bowie’s Let’s Dance and something by Metallica.

20.12 - daniel

applause again, and we’re back in the kitchen.

20.11 - daniel

I think it says “Morphsuit”?

20.10 - esther

Something seems to be written on Mark’s white body suit – just above his bum, but I cannot decipher what.

20.09 - daniel

slow-motion is making it really difficult for Mark.

20.09 - esther

For a second Mark could not decide who he wanted to be…

20.08 - daniel

applause again, and now the third video, a radiohead song…

20.07 - esther

For a moment Mark had lost Kate. Now  he is just watching her…

20.06 - gareth

“(Chorus) Heathcliff, its me, Cathy come home.
I’m so cold, let me in-a-your window.”

20.05 - daniel

Mark’s behind is now Kathe Bush’s face.

20.04 - esther

Kate Bush walking through a forest in a red dress. A few too many close-ups for Mark.

20.04 - daniel

Now it’s applause, and then Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.

20.03 - daniel

Walken is flying now, Mark not really.

20.02 - daniel

at times it’s more like a duet than synchronous dancing.

20.01 - daniel

Christopher Walken in the Fatboy Slim video, on an escalator. Mark chasing him.

19.59 - esther

Two videos are announced: one by Fatboy Slim, one by Kate Bush.

19.57 - esther

that deserves applause.

19.57 - esther

A woolen puppet dancing on the video now. Mark chasing its movements.

19.56 - daniel

it’s becoming increasingly difficult choreography, jazz hands here, jazz hands there, butterfly. freestyle.

19.55 - esther

clap, clap, hands to knees, reach out to the audience, and again … and there was a lot that I missed inbetween. Blog karaoke does not work.

19.54 - daniel

he is following the instructions on the dance video  -”up, punch, across…”

19.53 - esther

Mark is announcing the next video, a musical with dance instructions. And a second one with baby Ben??

19.51 - daniel

him in the kichen again after these two routines. sneezing. about trying as a male performer to chase an attractive woman, but in doing so masking  her.

19.49 - esther

applause on the film. a bit of applause live.

19.48 - daniel

it does look like a ninja chasing a starlet if you are only watching the projection.

19.46 - daniel


19.44 - daniel

now he does Betty Page. and does find it hard to keep track, he is also moving to the front when the camera zooms in, trying to remain in synch with the image.

19.43 - esther

It is not easy for Mark to keep up with Betty Page. Especially the changes to close-ups are quite difficult.

19.42 - esther

Mark is now Betty Page!

19.42 - daniel

we see a video of mark doing a choreography,which here means nodding, and waving his arms around a bit. he tries to stay in synch with the video, which not always works. now he says it’s completely over his physical capabilities to keep track of some of the movements he tries to go through.



19.40 - esther

Image has changed: Mark is in a black studio space, dancing. Live is trying to keep up with his movement. He is now wearing and an orange TShirt – on the film, live he is still wearing the white body suit (or whatever you wanna call that).

19.38 - daniel

“here we go”

19.38 - esther

Mark is explaining how he got the idea for visual karaoke – but he is talking so quickly, I’m typing, so I missed that…

19.38 - daniel

or maybe not.

19.38 - daniel

the projection is actually on his back.  so we see his fromt projected on his back. he will present a few of the experiments he has conducted.

19.37 - esther

To clarify: Mark is wearing a completely white body suit – so is basically projecting himself on himself.

19.36 - esther

He says he might need corrections of the audience if he is not standing correctly.

19.35 - esther

He is standing in the space exactly in front of himself on the screen.

19.34 - esther

Mark enters the kitchen on the film and the studio space.

19.34 - esther

Oh, it wasn’t a photo, it was a film.

19.34 - esther

We are now in the Chapter studio space, waiting for Mark to start. The audience has entered, they are standing in one half of the space, chatting. On the back wall a photo of a kitchen is projected. Some audience members now have chairs.

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