James Ó hAodha: Exodus

16.15 - daniel

16.12 - daniel

16.12 - gareth


16.08 - gareth

It feels as if we accomplished something together.

16.05 - gareth

We leave the placards behind.

16.01 - gareth

A minute’s walk back to the road. The bus is waiting at the bottom of the hill.

16.00 - gareth

A clearing with a view of the city. We make a circle with the placards, placing them in the ground. We step in, we put our hands on top of the megaphone to create feedback together. It is over. Applause.

15.50 - gareth

Don’t fail me now, plastic bags.

15.31 - gareth

A short break. I should add that unless we’re having a break, everyone walks in silence. We start again. There’s about 15 minutes of a walk left.

15.28 - gareth

A clearing.

15.22 - daniel

15.20 - daniel

14:50, actually.

15.18 - daniel

15.13 - gareth

Another short break to readjust the plastic bags. I cannot blog when walking, due to having to hold a placard and navigate the mud. It’s slippery, thick, looks like clay.

15.04 - gareth

Everyone is wrapped up, ready to continue. We’re at the beginning of a track leading into a wood on the outskirts of the city.

14.53 - gareth

Another break. In the woods. 3 bags on each foot; it will get muddier later on.

14.45 - gareth

Leckwith Road, waiting for the crossing.

14.43 - gareth

Police and security are looking. We head off again.

14.38 - gareth

It satisfies me greatly to be in close proximity to an Asda, holding a placard.

14.36 - gareth

A break. Brief discussion. People honk their car horns, presumably in support. Somebody apparently told us to ‘Fuck off and go home.’ I didn’t hear them.

14.33 - gareth


14.30 - gareth

Cardiff City Stadium

14.24 - gareth

Ninian Park railway station.

14.21 - gareth

Wind resistance makes multi-tasking difficult.

14.19 - daniel

14.18 - gareth

Each placard is around 8′-9′ tall. I have to keep looking up.

14.13 - gareth

Feedback signifies the beginning. We’re off, 10 of us, towards the city centre.

14.10 - gareth

Please remain silent.

14.09 - gareth

I have my placard.

14.02 - gareth

People are gathering at Chapter’s entrance.

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