How To Prevent The Apocalypse With Performance Art and The Art of Not Being There

SQUID, who participated in the LIVE ART LIVE BLOG launch event in 2011, have released a text we wrote about 2012′s installment of our project 2020: A Performance Time-Machine. The text is entitled How To Prevent The Apocalypse With Performance Art and can be read or downloaded here. And another text more closely related to the LIVE ART LIVE BLOG will also be published soon – the title is Die Kunst des Nicht-da-Seins, which is German for The Art of Not Being There, and in this text we take the BLOG as a starting point for revisiting the debate around performance and documentation:In what ways is a specific economics of performance art articulated in the relation of performance and documentation? How can we take part in performance work without having been there? How can performance be understood as the product of a collective process in which those not present at the live event can participate? The text will be included in the forthcoming book Das Forschen aller, edited by Sibylle Peters. There is a book launch on 15 May 2013 at Hafencity Universität Hamburg,on the occassion of Sibylle’s inaugural lecture, from which we will also be liveblogging.

Liz Clarke: Kustom Kunst Kommandos

Brian Lobel: Hora

20.01 - daniel

19.53 - daniel

Skipping back and forth showing bits of the video; learning the smiles.

19.52 - daniel

19.51 - daniel

Brian showing the Eurovision video…

19.51 - daniel

“For years I loved this song and thought I was good at my religion. But the song “Hora” is not the folk dance “Hora” but Israel’s 1982 Eurovision song contest contribution. “Still don’t know what I think about it.”

19.48 - daniel

“Catch your breath…”

19.48 - daniel

Applause. Cheering. Brian now wants to videotape everybody…

19.46 - daniel

Now a dance that Lady Gaga does.

19.46 - daniel

It’s getting increasingly dangerous to sit on the side and type…Have almost been hit in the face twice.

19.45 - daniel

“hands up, pivot. right hop, left hop, turn around…”. Music. And now everybody doing it.

19.44 - daniel

It is a dance class.

19.43 - daniel

“Eastern” and “Western” moves…

19.42 - daniel

Brian explaining the next move…

19.41 - daniel

About falling off a loft bed, he can’t do 100%…

19.40 - daniel

“Kick step step…”

19.38 - daniel

Inside and outside circle, good dancers on the inside…holding hands.

19.37 - daniel

Folk dance as a way to connect with religion.” “If you don’t do it with the same fervour, I think you’re antisemitic.” Brian is demonstrating first step.

19.35 - daniel

Music off. Brian says hello, welcome to Hora. “This is a dance lesson” – how to do the Hora. “I’m a trained Israeli folk dance instructor.”

19.33 - daniel

“You’re gonna learn all the steps, don’t worry.”

19.33 - daniel

“Take off your shoes and socks and circle in the centre!”

Tom Marshman

Trace Theatre: Coalition

19.11 - gareth

Was a cowboy I knew in South Texas.

19.09 - daniel

“may look like a sheep” … “or nick clegg in a tutu”.

19.09 - gareth

They were honest with us.

19.08 - daniel

A costume supposed to be a wolf costume.

19.07 - gareth

“Thank you for being any kind of romantic. Even a hopeless one.”

19.06 - daniel

“Thank you.” “For sharing the sunset with me”.

19.04 - gareth

Champion. Jimmy’s last words.

19.04 - daniel

“In any given situation there comes a time to quit while you’re still ahead…”.

19.02 - daniel

With accent.

19.02 - gareth

Celebrity impersonations.

19.00 - gareth

Gee baby, ain’t I good to you?

18.59 - daniel

“What’s you’re political stance in all this … I mean, are you left or right? Doesn’t matter, I was just making conversation.”

18.59 - gareth

Another dance; a slow, stifled body shuffle.

18.58 - gareth

Are you left, or are you right?

18.55 - gareth

This is the show’s last chance.

18.55 - gareth

Dancing to ‘Cowboy Song’

18.53 - gareth

“I’m not much of a dancer…I prefer to stand.”

18.53 - gareth

One dances, the other doesn’t.

18.51 - gareth

Joaquin Phoenix and James Dean.

18.51 - gareth

Carl disappeared. I’m one of the 93% that didn’t notice him go.

18.49 - gareth

“This is a two-man show. That’s it. No one else is in this show. No one else made this show.”

18.49 - gareth

Two men, dressed in suits, standing in individual spotlights.